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We are a  company dedicated to providing solutions to organizations through the development of custom software.

In Lions Group we think that the systems should respond to the needs of each organization, so that the solution is adapted to the user and not the user to the solution.  Similarly, we develop our products so that our customers can, at the end of the process, show an improvement within their company, either because they save time, money or because they simplify their processes. One of our main objectives is that our customers are not only satisfied with the product they receive, but also that it exceeds their expectations

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Our team

Our team is our best asset, contributing with their work and talent to the creation of value for our clients.
In Lions Group Bolivia we believe in the value of experience, continuous training and continuous innovation, so we work to attract and retain the best prepared professionals and always with a clear customer focus.

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Our e-Commerce Systems offer a platform with which you can sell on the network and eliminate physical barriers. Our e-Commerce solutions not only allow the sale between your company and your end customers, but also with your distributors and sellers.

Mobile control and task management system

We have a system completely adaptable to any type of company where each user can see their scheduled tasks and the administrator can keep track of the status of them and the hours consumed by each, having several reports available.

Geolocation and personnel control system

We have a specific system for the geolocation, monitoring, control and management of employees, salesmen, technicians/mechanics, health personnel and security guards in real time at a national and international level.

Mobile Sales Application

Our mobile sales system is a solution that helps you improve the sales process through a cell phone. If your product is sold in many stores and you have a route to cover to stock and pick them up on time, our system is just what you need!

Sales System for Supermarkets and Micro Markets

We have a software for supermarkets or micromarkets designed with all the options needed for the same. This is made up of the main FrontOffice modules (cashier) and the BackOffice (administrative module).


It is a modular and scalable system. It can be developed to adapt it to the specific needs of your company or sector. All integrated within the same system and with a single database.

Computerized Billing Software

We have the Computerized Billing Software.

Mobile applications

We develop native apps and hybrids for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), HTML5 and other wearables.

Restaurant System

We have a point of sale system that you need in your restaurant, discotheque, bar, lounge or in your business of food and beverages in general.

Web pages

Custom web page designs applying the latest technologies in both design and SEO.

Graphic Design

Somos expertos en crear la imagen corporativa para las empresas.

Web Applications

Each company has its own needs. We develop a product tailored to your needs.